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Family and Wedding Photography, Reno Pho



Photographer. Wife. Mom. Happy Camper.

​Hey there! Nice to meet you. Obviously, I'm Molly!

Quick background on me: I married my high school sweetheart and partner in crime in 2013.  We have 2 wildly adorable blonde boys and a an overly energetic Doberman.  Born in Washington State, I found my way to Reno via Chico, California, and Nevada's been home ever since!


Fun Facts:

  • FRIENDS is my love language. I can quote (and reenact) almost every line.

  • I believe water is a waste of a beverage. Wine is a much better choice.. or coffee.. or Dr. Pepper.

  • If I could wear Birkenstocks, shorts, and a sweatshirt every day - I would!

  • Olivia Pope is my spirit animal. When in doubt, I think to myself "What would Olivia Pope do?" and handle it.

  • I love camping - little fire, some dirt, good friends - it's honestly the  perfect way to recharge.  (bonus points if there is no cell service!)

I believe in true love, that marriage isn't for the weak of heart but is so fun when shared with your best friend, and while parenting is seriously HARD, it’s probably the coolest thing any adult can say they’ve accomplished. 

Want to learn more?


Email me at: 


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So you love these images and want to see more of my family photography or wedding photography? I've got you covered - Click here.

"Give me every laugh, happy tear, long kiss, wild kid, and brilliant adventure you've got."


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