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Alex, Breanne + Andrew | Newborn Lifestyle Session | Reno, Nevada

I arrived at Breanne and Alex’s house with fresh Starbucks coffee in hand, because what kind of support system would I be if I didn’t bring coffee to new parents? After carefully balancing the coffee in one hand, I knocked… but not too loud. I remember the chaos that ensued when our boys were new and people knocked on the door. This tiny action would send the dogs into a barking/wiggling frenzy. As I waited on the doorstep I looked around, thinking to myself that I loved their neighborhood. “What a perfect place to raise a little family in Reno. And this tree in the front yard – it’s perfect for a tree swing in a couple years!”

Still no answer… so I knocked again – a little louder this time since I could hear the dogs barking in the backyard. I figured it was safe. Seconds later, Breanne swings open the door. “Hi! Sorry… I am definitely not ready yet. Andrew just had a HUGE blowout – he hasn’t pooped since Thursday, so we’re really excited!” Right then, I knew the session was going to be a breeze. Any new mom who answers the door half dressed, excited about baby poop is my kind of woman.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Alex and Breanne had the new parent thing down much better than I ever remember us handling it.  With our first, I remember being so in love and so lost – a hurricane of unicorns and ice cream with a  side of caffeine.  Breanne is a natural mamma – she’s got the rock, bounce and “shhh” maneuvers handled – and she’d only been a mom for a couple of days. Alex was so chill, taking directions and going with the flow – even when Andrew started crying, Alex just snuggled him in or walked him around the room. When Andrew had decided he need a milk break, like NOW, they weren’t phased. They were all smiles and cheer.

Walking away from this session I was so grateful for the opportunity – I can honestly say I LOVE newborn sessions. I had gotten to spend my morning with some awesome people – talking and laughing, holding the sweetest little man, and snapping pictures. Take it from me, it’s a pretty awesome way to start a Sunday. When I left their house, the birds were chirping (literally), and the sun was out for the first time in what felt like months, so I put on my sunglasses and rushed home to see these images in the big screen!


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