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Logan + Kenzie | Wedding |Auburn, Washington

Starbucks. That is where it all started. Listening to Kenzie and Logan tell me about how they met was like watching my favorite romantic-comedy. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. Boy doesn’t realize girl likes boy. Girl drops hints – finally boy gets it. All is right with the world. Kiss. Roll credits.

Chelie (honestly the kindest person I've ever met & Kenzie’s maid of honor/sister-in-law) describes their love perfectly:

“There is just something sweet about the way that they look at each other. When you see it, you know exactly what I’m talking about without it needing to be explained. They are absolutely perfect for each other. It’s like once they found each other there was this immediate peace and rest that came over both of them – like they had finally found what they had always been looking for.

When they’re together, they are a powerful force of grace and joy. There’s something so special about how they carry themselves and how they align their whole lives and their marriage on their relationship with Jesus. Their hearts are pure. They truly are an amazing couple and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them – because everywhere they go, opportunities and adventures await them. It doesn’t matter where they end up because in the end, they’ll have each other and that’s all they’ll ever need.

We are so blessed that we not only have Logan as our brother and Kenzie as our new sister but we get forever best friends that we get to live life with and couldn’t be happier.”

Send them a little extra love - today is their 1 month anniversary. Hope the first month has been all that you dreamed...


Kenzie and her ladies....

Logan and his guys....

Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Burtis...

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