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Mark + McKenna | Winter Engagement Session | Reno, Nevada


Mark and McKenna’s love story has been filled with plenty of misadventure. That’s not because they are a hot mess – not even close! The universe just wants to give them one hell of a love story… and so far it’s doing a damn good job!

Their first date went anything but smoothly:

Mark - “We met at Pinocchio’s for cocktails. I was nervous and awkward! I had an entire beer before she even arrived. She noticed… AND she commented on it. When she went to the bathroom, I Googled ‘first date questions’ because I had no idea what to say. When the date was over, I thought for sure I blew it as I ‘casually’ sped out of the parking lot.”

McKenna - “I thought, ‘this is never going to work.’ He barely talked! I ate an entire plate of nachos by myself because he said he was hungry, then proceeded not to eat anything. When we left, he sped out of the parking lot and I remember thinking to myself, ‘apparently the date couldn’t have ended quickly enough!’”

For their second date they’d agreed to meet for dinner at Campo. Technically… technically, they were both at Campo on time. Only Mark was in Sparks ordering a drink, while McKenna was in Reno with a waiter who surely thought she’d been stood up. Once Mark realized where McKenna was, he cut a 20-30 minute drive in half and turned their second date into “without question, the best date.”

A week out from their Galena Forest engagement session, it was supposed to be sunny and cool. A few days out, it was supposed to be cloudy and cool. The day of, “possible” snow showers turned into “definite snow storm” minutes before their session was supposed to start.

The best part? The weather didn’t even phase them. They were slipping and sliding around on the ice, sinking knee deep in the snow, and literally hiking up hill in the snow both directions. Plenty of other people would have been upset, frustrated, and disappointed – but they just laughed... a lot. Mark telling me, “It’s pretty fitting for us. I proposed in a snow storm too!”


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