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Norah Louise | Newborn Session | Chico, California

I remember the first 2 weeks being a mom. I was on cloud nine, spending the majority of my day staring at this adorable human that I made. I filled my phone (and the phones of my family and friends) with picture after picture of our little blob... doing, well - nothing. I honestly felt like a superhero for how awesome he turned out.

Then there were ALL the things I didn't know... like how to freakin' breastfeed or what the heck "witching hour" was and, good lord, how to survive it. I clearly hadn't realized all that was involved in having my own human - despite what people say, it was nothing like having a puppy.

Fast forward 4 years - here I am with 2 toddlers, getting the message that my best friend just had her first. Naturally, I started to get picture after picture of Miss Norah snuggling and sleeping and couldn't help but get the slightest tingle of baby fever (relax, it has passed).

Within minutes of arriving in Chico it was pretty clear Shannon had it more together than I ever did. She was talking while breastfeeding, a skill it took me weeks to figure out, and through all the catching up she fluently moved from one momming task to another.

Over coffee the next morning, I asked Shan what the easiest part about being a mom was - she looked down at Norah and said, "Watching her sleep!" and laughed. We reminisced about the first two week and we agreed that one of the hardest things was adjusting to the 1-2 hours of prep work it takes to leave the house. Again - we're both laughing. In preparation for this post, I asked her:

What advise she would give a new mom?"Relax. Everything you do won’t be perfect at first but it all works out. Also having help, like someone to clean your house while you sit and stare at your new baby is a huge help!"

What is the funniest thing that happened in the first couple weeks? "Projectile poop on my husband ..... mostly all the poop stories but sometimes all you can do is laugh."



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