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Sean + Zoey | Spring Engagement Session | Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

When we started our session, I gave them three very important rules: 1) no matter what you must always be touching (give me all the PDA), 2) move that dress around, 3) HAVE FUN! Easy enough right?

As we walked down the beach to our first location Sean noticed Zoey hadn't picked up her dress yet. Naturally, being the team player that he is, he grabbed the end and flung it into the air. Perfect technique! Click.

These two are so in love. Honestly, I think a couple times they got so wrapped up in each other and playing that they forgot I was there. For the last few minutes of light, I just wanted for them to focus on each other, dance, and simply remember this moment.

I said, "I can throw on a song- what sounds good?" Sean said, "If you've got 'Then' by Brad Paisley we can practice our first dance." Seconds later (thank you Amazon Prime Music for the assist) they were sweeping around the shoreline dancing to their song, at Lake Tahoe, at sunset. Click.

And man... they can dance. I'll be honest - I got a little misty eyed watching them.


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