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The Nobles | Lake Tahoe Family Session | Kings Beach, California

Hey there. Its been a while since we all stopped to chat. How are things, life, the kids?

I don't know about you, but this summer has completely gotten away from me. Not that I'm complaining - we've had so much fun. Only problem is, I haven't been as in tune with all of you.

Good news? Summer is wrapping and I've got some great sessions to fill you in on. So let's get started - shall we?

Meet the Nobles. Long story very short I loved them from the first email - yes, its a thing. I was in South Dakota when I receive Lindsey's inquiry - shockingly, she too was in South Dakota. These two love birds grew up in the Reno area and were back this summer to celebrate their son's birthday and their upcoming wedding anniversary in Lake Tahoe. When we first started planning their session, I'd suggested Kings Beach simply because it was close to where they'd be vacationing. At the time I didn't realize, they had also gotten married (and had wedding pictures taken) on the exact beach. I'm telling you - its fate!

Let me give you a mental image of the morning of their session - it was an amazingly warm and calm June morning along Lake Tahoe's perfectly still waters. The sun was shining and the birds were singing... only that's not what the day had in store for us at all. Instead, after a week of 90+ degree weather, we were greeted with freezing (literally, 32 degrees) temperatures, a smooth brisk consistent wind, and a very slow rising (and not very warm) sun. Not exactly what we'd talked about... but the show must go on.

As we walked the beach, bundling up between pictures to keep warm I couldn't believe how great this family was. Outside of rain (or snow), their beautifully warm sunrise, summer, Lake Tahoe family pictures weren't going quite as planned - the wind was blowing around their hair, making their eyes water, and their lips a bit purple but from their smiles you'd have no idea.

I'm blessed to have met them and I'm so excited to finally post this session. Take a minute and enjoy!

XO, Molly

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