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The Russells | Family Session | Capital Building, Carson City, Nevada

First let me say - I thought I posted this in November... clearly the holidays got the best of me. Well, better late than never - right?!

I love doing sessions at new locations and was so excited when the Russells chose their location. Being a self proclaimed history nerd, I was all kinds of giddy after they told me they'd chosen the Carson City Capital Building for their session. I left my house SUPER early so I could walk the grounds taking pictures of the statues, reading every plaque and admiring the Nevada State Capital.

As a photographer, it can be super nerve racking to do sessions for large family groups. You just never know what you're going to get. Will the dads hate having pictures taken? What if the kids are having an off day? Did I bring enough snacks? Will I get a picture that they even like?!

First thing you really need to know about this session - this family is awesome. If you don't know them, you are missing out! Not only did the family show up perfectly coordinated in grey and navy, but they were so easy to like! As they arrived we introduced ourselves and chatted about our upcoming holiday plans. Before we got started, I walked through a quick recap of what'd we'd be doing to get everyone on the same page.

"So we'll start over here on the front lawn, then move to the building's steps, stroll over to the sidewalk then head to the family barn. I'll ask you to fake laugh, walk, talk, smile. It will be painless - you might even have fun. Are there any pictures you're hoping I can get today?"

I almost laughed out loud when Denise looked at me and said "Honestly? All I want is a picture that isn't blurry." (with a big smile and laugh) I winked and told her I would try my hardest to get at least one.

Now take a minute to admire how these turned out! Is it just me or did this family hit the genetic jackpot?


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