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I know it can be totally weird being in front of a camera – “what do I do with my hands?” – so I work to get to know you (as a human) before we even have your session.  I also want you to know me... trust me - I'm not scary and I'm just as awkward in front of other people as you. There is nothing more awkward than kissing in front of a stranger who is staring at you... am I right? 

I am going to get to know you and your families so I can create images that represent who you really are.  I don't want to take your payment and never see you again... in fact, I want to see you again! I want to be the person you call a few times a year to capture the moments you cherish the most. 


Sessions are kept really casual. I'll ask you to walk, talk, spin, and play. The idea is to keep you distracted enough that you don't worry about your picture being taken and forget I'm there altogether! 


Take me with you on a hike or to your favorite coffee shop - take me on your boat or to the tree swing at your mom's house. Let's do something that you actually LIKE to do and I'll take pictures of how much you love doing it! 

Give me every laugh, happy tear, long kiss, wild kid, and brilliant adventure you've got!

If you think we'll be a good fit - GREAT! I can't wait to meet you. If I'm not what you're looking for - that works too. I still think you're a good person.



Pricing doesn't have to be hard or scary. I keep my pricing as simple as possible. Instead of giving you a bunch of predesigned packages that might be full of things that you don’t really want, I offer base rates and à la carte services for you to create exactly what you're looking for.  The entire experience is all about YOU!



Reno Tahoe Family Photography

Family & Lifestyle Sessions starting $250

Lake tahoe elopment

Elopements starting $700

Reno Tahoe Puyallup Wedding

Intimate Weddings starting $1200

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