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Helsel Family | Family Session | Arboretum, Rancho San Rafael Regional Park, Reno

Fall is quickly doing it's thing here in Reno and Tahoe. I love the fall - cooler air, stronger breezes and the leaves! I grew up in Washington State where fall starts in September and lasts until the beginning of November. When I moved to Reno it killed me how quickly fall came and went!

This year fall seems like an actual season and has been holding on for the entire month of October. Last year, I swear the leaves turned and dropped in less than week!

The Helsel's session was at Rancho. I had no idea Rancho San Rafael was so BIG! There are so many session location options - but the best location for fall has to be the Arboretum. I swear its got it all: tress, cute benches, bridges everywhere, and perfect walking trails.

**Note to self (and future clients/other photographers) this would be a great place for a session mid-day. There is plenty of shade and the scene is to die for!

It was cold - see your breath when you laugh cold. Jessica, Rodney and Lola were champs hustling around the park (lots of jackets off, click click click, jackets on) -- I think they might have even laughed a couple times!



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