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Jeff, Paige, & Quinn | Family Session | Oxbow Nature Study Area, Reno

Here's the back story on this family. Jeff went to University of Nevada, Reno with my hubby. A couple years ago he brought Paige into our life. Just this year, they added their first daughter, Quinn, to the mix. They are truly original people, wonderfully silly and not at all afraid to be themselves - which often means crazy faces and lots of laughing. Honestly, any photographer's dream.

On the morning of our session my husband and Jeff headed out into the Reno hillside with the hopes of driving the RZRs to the Ultra 4 Races at the Wild West Motorsports Park. A few hours and three flat tires later, the guys returned just in time for Jeff to get home, help get things together, hair cut, shave, shower, etc.

Just before sunset we arrived to Oxbow Nature Study Area in Reno, where the nice park ranger informed me we had 15 minutes before he closed the gates - whether we are in the park or not... gates will lock.

Turns out he didn't close the gates in 15 minutes, the colors of fall were top notch, the weather gods were looking down on us, and Miss QT was filled with smiles. She sure does love her daddy!

I'm pretty sure you'd agree... this is the worst place to take photos. So ugly. Do not recommend. (she says dripping with sarcasm)

Looking forward to my next session - hoping its equally as exciting!


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