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The Kesslers | Family Session | Point Defiance Park, Washington

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Meet the Kesslers. One of the most chill families you'll ever meet. I convinced this super sweet family of four to brave the Pacific Northwest's chilly coast early on a Sunday morning early this fall. I use the word "chilly" loosely since 50 degrees on the Puget Sound isn't quite like the chill you'd experience here in Reno or Tahoe - but we can agree it definitely wasn't warm.

Here's a rundown of the session:

On my way to Point Defiance my phone died. It didn't run out of battery - it died. Like Google tried to do an update and my phone never turned back on... Thankfully I arrived early and was able to get the panic out before they got there. After pulling up, Chels pops out of the car with a cute ivory dress on and says, "How obvious is it that I spilled coffee down the front of my dress?!" Naturally, I laugh a little and don't have to lie when I told her there wasn't a trace.

Next we're headed down to the park and the kids start being kids - there are ducks and suddenly they are starving and EVERYTHING must be looked at and touched. Here's the thing. Every parent wants their kid to keep it together in front of other people. But that's stressful and honestly - that face isn't one you want to remember. I watch as Chels and Jack control the situation - thinking there is only one thing you can count on with toddlers or kids - posed pictures are out! So, after a couple pictures, I tell Chels and Jack that I just need the two of them to look like they like each other and let the kids "be free".

Seconds later, Jax takes off towards the ducks - as any boy would do - and Haelyn waddled in the opposite direction, just because she can. Me? I'm snapping cute pictures of mom and dad laughing at the chaos then I take off after Haelyn.

Get a couple more of the family together and Haelyn has a meltdown (which if you have kids can me mortifying) so I grab some yogurt bites. Which causes Jax to feel cheated - more yogurt bites are passed out. We move to the trees and get Jack and Chels set up with Jax - aww that's cute! Click! Anyone know where Haelyn is? after little and bring her back for more pictures.

You see? That's why you hire me! You should enjoy the experience. I'm there to wrangle the kids and make it work. You get to sit there and laugh at me running round, making funny noises and feeding the kids treats for tricks!


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